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Pedro and Eunice Sanjaime

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Pedro and Eunice Sanjaime met at I.B.S.T.E. in 1977 when Pedro enrolled in the theology program where Eunice was teaching Music with G.E.M. When Eunice couldn’t see any progress in Pedro’s piano skills, Pedro decided to marry the teacher. They were married in Valencia on June 9th, 1979, and returned to Barcelona to help with summer conferences at the Institute.

Their desire to work in Germany with Torchbearers after Pedro’s graduation from I.B.S.T.E. was dimmed by the need for a pastor in the nearby town of Sant Boi. In July, 1980, they began a pastoral ministry in that town and their first daughter, Sheila, was born. Rick and Gail Cummins, and other professors at I.B.S.T.E. invested time teaching and mentoring at the church. The pastoral ministry was fruitful and in 1988, the Sanjaimes took a sabbatical leave to study at Columbia International University in Columbia, S.C. There they met many valuable friends for the Kingdom.

Upon returning to Spain they encouraged the Sant Boi Church to open a daughter church in Sant Joan D’Espi, closer to Barcelona.  After years of homeschooling, Sheila and Melanie were accepted at Benjamin Franklin International School, and Eunice taught Music Ed.  K-12 for 5 years.

Pedro resigned as Pastor and worked with the Grain of Wheat Mission evangelizing street children until he turned over the ministry to a young couple from Barcelona in 1999. The Sanjaime’s moved to Corsicana, TX that year for three years at the invitation of the Cummins family. Pedro completed his doctorate in Psychology and worked at M.H.M.R. and Eunice worked a year with Child Evangelism Fellowship, then taught music at Drane Middle School for two years. A beautiful opportunity opened to do Biblical Counseling at Therapon. Five Mexican families were influenced by the Gospel and a Hispanic outreach was held every Friday at B.B.C.  As a result, Martha Ramirez applied to I.B.S.T.E. and through gifts from B.B.C. was able to get her degree in Theology and has worked in Youth For Christ and with her husband, Serge, as youth leaders at the C.&M.A. Church in Barcelona ever since.

The Sanjaimes returned to Spain to a new pastorate in Igualada, where they served until they were asked to become directors of I.B.S.T.E. in 2005. Meanwhile, Sheila married Carlos and Melanie finished her degree in Psychology, and both girls felt called to Africa. While in Tanzania the second time, Melanie fell ill with an unknown virus and couldn’t fulfill her dream of studying medicine. She recovered and married Brooks, who was working as Administrator at I.B.S.T.E., in 2009. God had brought a Taiwan extension Seminary to Barcelona in 2007 and Brooks was working as a liaison between the two schools, having spent a year in China after graduation from Taylor University. In 2011 a dream was fulfilled when I.B.S.T.E. achieved accreditation from the Spanish government.

As of July, 2019, Pedro and Eunice have stepped down from directing I.B.S.T.E. and are involved in teaching and raising funds in both Spain and the U.S. for a much needed new building with a 400 seat auditorium and library. They will have more liberty to travel back and forth to the States under this new responsibility. They are members of the church plant in Sant Joan D’Espi, and travel to churches all over Spain

to represent I.B.S.T.E. 

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