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Skip and Ruth Sorensen



Skip and Ruth Sorenson were brought up in churches and in homes that had close ties with missionaries. They attended missionary conferences and missionaries stayed in our homes and both felt called to missions at an early age. Ruth knew early that God wanted her to be a missionary in Africa.

They met at what is now called Multnomah Bible College. On their first date they discussed their goals, dreams, and commitment to missions. This discussion brought them together and they were married in 1977.

From there the Sorensons went to Dallas Theological Seminary to get more preparation for ministry. Before their first year began they were in a serious car accident and Ruth received a traumatic brain injury, a broken vertebrae and was partially paralyzed. Skip and Ruth connected with BBC through Jeff and Mary Townsend, the inaugural pastor of BBC. Ruth recovered miraculously and learned how to walk again. She was weakened by the injuries but was able to work again and raise two children while they attended DTS. Their third child was born in Uganda in 1992. In their last year at DTS they connected with the Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society (now WorldVenture). They explained the tremendous need to equip church leaders in Uganda. Equipping ministry interested them very much and, of course, Ruth was ready to go the minute she learned that Uganda was a country in Africa!

The Sorensons were appointed with CBFMS in 1983 and began the process of discovering their mission partners. BBC began to support them from the very beginning and has continued giving to this very day. They arrived in Uganda in late 1985.Since arriving they have been involved with church planting in three locations in Western Uganda but have concentrated more in equipping and training Ugandans for the ministry, both pastors and lay people. The church planting experiences enabled them to connect with leaders and church workers all over Western Uganda. They feel strongly that Ugandans should be doing the evangelizing, church planting, discipleship and pastoring in their country. The Sorensons come alongside to teach and equip these church workers and churches have multiplied all over Uganda during this time. They currently train leaders throughout Western Uganda in seminars, conferences, Local Bible Schools and at Western Uganda Baptist Theological College. They plan to retire with WorldVenture in 6 years and there is so much work to be done in that time.

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